Healthy people,
healthy company

Increase employee health and bonding

Not just for fitness nerds...

Our program helps people to live a better life without pressure or requiring more physical activity. Anyone can join - from very active to very inactive, from chia-pudding lovers to Ben and Jerry's groupies:

  • Employees get a special discount

  • Have your employees participate in the same group to increase bonding and motivation

Why Eat Better, Not Perfect is a great for your company

An easy-to-follow program with a personal coach to improve your employees' wellbeing, and which allows anyone to join - from very active to very inactive, from chia-pudding fans to pancake groupies:

  • No menu-plan to follow: pick the foods you prefer from an extensive list each week

  • It’s not about competition

  • Individualized suggestions that fit your schedule

  • Accountability: self-track your commitment, have a coach watching your back

  • Physical activity only recommended, not a must

Please note

  • This is not a medically supervised nutrition program. We advise you to consult your doctor if you are under medical supervision, take medications or about any medical questions or concerns you might have.

  • The challenge and the coach are a way to help you (re-)build better habits with regards to food, movement, and rest. Results may and will vary and depend on many factors such as stress level and your commitment. Specific outcomes or results can not be guaranteed.

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