Is this something for me?

Do you feel unfit and uncomfortable in your body?


Do you usually eat less to regulate your weight, and gain the lost weight back easily afterwards?

Would you like to lose weight sustainably and have more energy?


We believe that it is not human nature to count calories. At the same time, ice cream and pizza will not suddenly disappear. Together with your own nutrition coach you will create a healthy relationship with food, and also improve other factors such as sleep or stress that affect our eating behavior. 

What happens during the 6 weeks?

Eat Better, Not Perfect is not a diet, but rather the kickstart into a lighter life. Throughout the challenge you will learn


  • the difference between real hunger and cravings / emotional eating

  • which foods you tolerate better and which ones not so much

  • that you don't need as much sugar in your life as you might believe

  • the right balance of nutritious food and indulgence

  • and probably a whole lot more about yourself!


No diet shakes or having to starve. However, you should be open to eat your veggies ;-)

Results that last


Your life is already stressful and difficult enough. The last thing you want to need is someone who asks you to do everything perfectly. That's why our challenge focuses on improvements rather than being perfect. Many small changes eventually create big results that are sustainable. By regaining control of your eating habits you'll feel happier and more self-confident.

How Andrea regained her self-confidence

Andrea was overweight and too strict with herself. With Eat Better, Not Perfect, she was finally able to lose 15kg. Without calorie counting, without eating less. Read here how she did it. (the interview is in German, pls use Google Translate)


Here you can find answers to many of your questions you might have. If your question is not listed below then give us a shout at

Is Eat Better, Not Perfect a weight-loss program?

Eat Better, Not Perfect is a challenge to help you (re-)discover what habits and foods you can change to increase your well-being. By changing your habits and quality of foods your body will naturally adjust to a more natural weight. Other positive changes can be improved sleep, less stress, more energy, better digestion.


How is Eat Better, Not Perfect different from other programs?

Many programs focus on reducing calories significantly or are simply too strict for only a limited time. This is neither natural nor sustainable. Eat Better, Not Perfect helps you to focus on what really matters: taking you through different phases, starting with an awareness phase, followed by a strict reset phase and slowly taking you to your own balance. During this process you find out what kind of foods make you feel good, when you eat them and what emotions that can cause bad eating patterns.

How will I know that this will work for me? Do you use a bodytype-specific approach?

Most people know what they could be doing better to lose weight or get in better shape but they either aren't sure how to do it or start a diet and gain the weight back. Together with nutritional therapists and nutrition experts, we developed a sustainable challenge which focuses on what really matters: developing awareness for your daily behavior, more whole foods and less processed foods, and to eat when we're actually hungry instead of eating to calm our emotions. This approach has worked with hundreds of different types of people. Why? Because eating better, moving more and getting more sleep and reducing stress simply works for many people, regardless of their body type.

What if I’m vegan?

No problemo. We’ve even got delicious vegan recipes.

I will be on vacation / have a party. What then?

Holidays, vacation, parties will always come and go. The first 2 weeks are most important. Afterwards you are more free to be less strict.

Do I need to cook? I work and travel a lot and don’t have the time.

It’s all about time management and setting priorities. Plus, your coach can help you make better options when eating out. 

Who can benefit from your challenge?

Our challenge is not specifically designed for aspiring bodybuilders or people under medical supervision although it has been shown that changing your nutrition can reduce or even reverse illnesses. We believe that conventional Western medicine neglects the healing possibilities through foods and physical activity. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of participants who learned how to change their lives by changing small habits and becoming aware of what and how they eat and drink. If you are willing to give it a try then the only limit is you.

Do I need to go jogging or to the gym during the program?

Our challenge is mainly focused on nutrition. However, during the challenge we will also look at your stress and physical activity level and encourage you to make some more positive changes that can benefit your health and increase your progress.

How much time does it take per day?

About 10 minutes to fill out your profile, about 3 minutes each weekend to read and understand your weekly plan and the food list, about 1 minute every day to enter your daily points.

Will you send me ready-cooked meals or do I have to follow your recipes?

Once you start your program you will simply follow a weekly plan that includes lots of foods to choose from. In the very beginning the program will be very restrictive but not boring. Week after week it gets less restrictive and more exciting.

Why does it only cost CHF 294.- while traditional nutrition counseling costs more than CHF 800.-?

By offering a coach who is there for you online instead of an expensive office, and by asking you for your part of the commitment we are able to offer a traditionally costly service at a fantastic value-for-price ratio. You're welcome.

Please note

  • This is not a medically supervised nutrition program. We advise you to consult your doctor if you are under medical supervision, take medications or about any medical questions or concerns you might have.

  • The challenge and the coach are a way to help you (re-)build better habits with regards to food, movement, and rest. Results may and will vary and depend on many factors such as stress level and your commitment. Specific outcomes or results can not be guaranteed.

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