Bye bye, diets!

Hello freedom & wellbeing.

Are you also frustrated by all the infos about nutrition? You're not alone! Up to 95% of conventional diets fail* because they are 

  • not sustainable or even feasible, simply because they are too strict and unrealistic

  • or lead to a yoyo-effect due to very low calorie intake

That's why we've created an easy-to-follow program that is based on common sense and simple principles, without having to say no to all types of delicious foods or starving yourself.

Typical crash diet

Eat Better, Not Perfect challenge

Results that last

Would you like to find your ideal weight without all the up and downs all the time? This is what you'll learn in your 6-Wochen Challenge:

  • eating better instead of less 

  • differentiate real hunger from satisfying your emotions

  • reduce stress

  • sleep better

  • be more self-confident by not trying to do everything perfect

"It's tough in the beginning but gets easier quickly. And it was worthwhile." Manuel achieved his goal, and so can you!

A coach and tools for your personal progress

A real coach instead of an algorithm: nothing can replace the value of a real human being that understands your daily situation and problems.

Tracking and small weekly tasks help you to develop awareness and better habits that last. 

Your 6 week online-challenge includes

  • weekly changing plans for behavior change and food lists to choose the things you like and discover new foods and recipes

  • a personal WhatsApp-Coach für support and motivation,

  • recipes and online-trackingtool

for only CHF 294.-! No subscription, no automatic renewalIf you don't experience any positive changes after 6 weeks of sticking to the program, we'll refund your money!

Do it together: get 10% off when you invite someone to do it with you!

*Statistics on Weight Discrimination: A Waste of Talent, The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination, Retrieved July 18, 2011; most will regain their lost weight within 1-5 years

Andrea proved that it works.


After many unsuccessful attempts, Andrea realized she was being to strict with herself. Through Eat Better, Not Perfect, she found a way to lose over 15kg, without calorie counting or eating less. Read about her story here (German; English coming soon). 

Please note

  • This is not a medically supervised nutrition program. We advise you to consult your doctor if you are under medical supervision, take medications or about any medical questions or concerns you might have.

  • The challenge and the coach are a way to help you (re-)build better habits with regards to food, movement, and rest. Results may and will vary and depend on many factors such as stress level and your commitment. Specific outcomes or results can not be guaranteed.

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